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The Old Crumpet Factory

16 Brockham Lane


Surrey RH3 7EL

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Adaptations you might Consider
An Outdoor Stair Lift

Outdoor Stair Lift, Through Floor Lift, Easy Home Access, Easy Access Shower Easy Access Kitchen Mobility Scooter Storage Garage Conversion


A Through the Floor Lift

Through Floor Lifts are a Lift designed for domestic use to travel through one floor. The great thing about a through floor lift is that you get the floor space back once the lift is on the other floor. There is a trap door that falls into position when the Lift is down and also when the lift is up there is a seal that's put into place on the ceiling. A great space saving concept that also helps hide the fact that a lift is even fitted.

The Lifts have many safety features such as fire seals touch sensitive surfaces so that no pets or children can come to any harm if the lift is moving. there are also 3 different types of lift wheelchair unit, seated Lift or standing unit.

Easy Home Access

Do you have difficulty parking close enough to home?

We may be able to create a driveway from the roadside to the front door of your home.

We can design and build a “crossover” and driveway to facilitate closer parking to your front door, essential if you have difficulty in walking or if you need to unload a motability scooter from your car.  Most work of this type would need permission from the Highways Agency but we can arrange this for you. If there are any obstacles such as a lamp post or a letter box in the proposed area, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of achieving your adaptation but we would need to seek permission from the appropriate authority to move these items.

The design could also be ramped so that you alleviate the need for any steps, such a discreet way of achieving ramped access to your home.  It simply looks as though your new driveway has a slope to it. Just think, you could achieve easy access to your home, a beautiful drive and off road parking all in one go!  No more searching for a parking space!

Easy Access Shower

We can design walk In showers for anyone who needs easy access including wheelchair users. Walk in showers provide a safe and relaxing shower for anyone who is disabled, elderly or who just needs easy access.

We will help you find the best solution for all your bathing difficulties whilst recognising that everyone has different needs and tastes. We can provide a selection of easy access showers to suit your needs and help you to retain your independence.

We can also offer a thermostatically controlled anti-scald electric shower which offers an ideal solution for those with special bathing requirements and for those of you who prefer a revitalising shower rather than a relaxing bath.

Easy Access Kitchen

Certain makes of oven are designed with shelves that pivot outwards to make the transfer of hot dishes safe and easy, sockets can be placed in easy acess positions, fitting lever taps with a mixer would help those with arthritic hands or who have difficulty turning ordinary taps. The mixer prevents scalding which is always a risk with single outlets. Both of these kitchens were supplied by AKW Ltd. AKW provides high quality products that meet practical requirements, offer the widest possible choice and help people create living spaces which give people quality of life. They are one of our primary suppliers.

There are so many simple changes that can be made within the kitchen, whether you live alone or with your family. Using specialist suppliers we can design integrated rise and fall work surfaces and kitchen sinks for you, the levels can be adjusted in an instant whether the individual is ambulant, needs to use a seat during preparation tasks or is a wheelchair user. Note that there is space for a wheelchair to tuck neatly under these  adjustable surfaces and also the base of the sink would be insulated to prevent any heat harming the user should they come into contact.

Mobility Scooter Storage

Scooter Store is designed especially for owners of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs. Just press a button, drive in and plug in to the power system. No need to drag your vehicle through the house or mess about with heavy locks and covers. While it stands safely outside its batteries can be charging ready for your next trip.

For some more thoughts on mobility scooter storage watch the YouTube video below.

If you have outdoor stairs, why not install a lift designed for exterior use.  Outdoor stair lifts that are made to truly withstand the elements. With a sturdy rail constructed from high-grade aluminium or galvanized steel to sealed mechanical components outdoor lifts should provide for years of reliable operation. The outdoor chair lift can be installed on any type of step material made from wood, concrete or brick.

With all stair lifts this lift will fold allowing for maximum space for anyone else using the stairs. Another great use for this lift is pier or waterfront access. With travel available in different lengths this lift can be customize to fit on your existing stairs. Outdoor stair lifts are a great solution to outdoor access needs. Whether it’s on a porch, a deck, down to a boat dock, a stair lift can provide your mobility needs.

Garage Conversion

This garage space could be seen as even more of a waste if you were considering downstairs living rather than moving home. Anybody who uses a wheelchair most of the time may face this decision at some point. Do you move away from everything familiar and start again, or could you make the most of space you already have?

Have you ever considered what a waste of space your

integral garage might be? What other uses could it be put to?

Creating a ground floor bedroom with showering and toileting facilities in the family home offers increased independence to any person who struggles with stairs or getting around.  With this adaptation you can retain the space in the existing living areas of the home whilst making a private area for yourself with close integration with the rest of the family, when you want it.

The ground floor conversion is excellent if at any time our client requires the provision of hoists and tracks, often only minor alterations would be needed to facilitate tracking from bed to bathroom and any other area of the ground floor.

If you are wishing to adapt to your home, Independent Home Solutions can help you to achieve your desired outcome. Whether you want us to provide you with a bespoke wet room shower, a stair lift or through floor lift, a purpose built ground floor extension or garage conversion, unobtrusive ramp and improve your access, or even design you a wheelchair accessible kitchen, we can change you home to suit your needs.

We are completely independent of manufacturers and suppliers and have the strong advantage of being able to freely select from any product or service available to us and can therefore provide our clients with the very best or most cost effective solution to suit their requirements.

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