You will be visited by one of our team, who is fully up to date with all legislative requirements to building work, they are also very mindful of health and safety and will carry out risk assessments before any work takes place. The Technical Surveyor will look carefully at the feasibility of any proposed work as it is their job to look for hidden problems before any work is agreed. They will take careful measurements and draw up draft plans for you to review and agree prior to engaging with contractors and any other interested parties. We specialise in home adaptations design and have practical experience in overseeing a wide range of major and minor projects of this nature. We also can advise on the condition of your home and assist with arranging essential repairs and upkeep.

Part of the Surveyor role is to continuously monitor the work of our vetted contractors to ensure it is of consistent good quality, value for money and complies with all current legislation.

Once the work is agreed and the contractor is selected, a works agreement will be drawn up and issued to the contractor. The contractor will be asked to sign together with you as the client, so that you understand the fixed cost of the work and the expected start and finish dates. In many cases our surveyor will arrange a pre-start meeting at your home so that you have the opportunity meet the contractors who will be working in your home, discuss, the work, any elements of disruption, daily start and finish times, use of facilities while on site, special arrangements like if someone holds a key or needs to be present while the work is being carried out and you get a chance to air any concerns.

Our Technical Surveyors or Technical Officers