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The Old Crumpet Factory

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Occupational Therapist Service

Occupational Therapy is a wide ranging subject, however many Occupational Therapists (OTs) specialise in assessing individuals for adaptations, aids and equipment in their homes or workplaces.  We work closely with both Community OTs and with private OTs to meet the needs of our clients who may be struggling with day to day living in their home and environment.  

OTs work with people of all ages and disabilities and sometimes with their families. The focus of Occupational Therapy is to help enable people to manage their daily activities as independently as possible. This often involves helping to change the person's living environment to suit their different abilities and needs.

You might have a clear idea of what adaptations you wish to make to your home, or you may require advice and guidance before a solution is found.  The OT can offer impartial expert advice on simple additions to the home such as rails and equipment or suggest much more complex home adaptations designed to suit your needs for now and in the future.

OTs could suggest alterations or equipment to help you be more independent at work or with getting out and about. You might be entitled to an OT assessment arranged through Surrey Social Care Team, or where the waiting list is long, the local authority may accept recommendations from an independent OT, and the Disabled Facilities Grant may consider funding the cost of the independent assessment.

Once the Independent Home Solutions Caseworker has visited with you to discuss your thoughts on which changes might suit your needs, she may think it advisable to contact a local OT to assess you and consider if the proposed changes are right for you and your current condition or disability. In their expert capacity the OT could well offer up different solutions which in their opinion might be more appropriate or more practical.

When a brief is agreed upon and the process is under way, the OT can be asked to remain available for consultation in circumstances where your needs change or for a follow up to assess that the adaptations function at their best for you and that rails or equipment are properly placed with you in mind.

One or two well placed rails could make all the difference to a person's confidence and independence.

Or simply creating somewhere to sit whilst preparing food in the kitchen.