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The Old Crumpet Factory

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Handy Person Service

Home Improvement Agencies work to meet the needs of older and disabled client’s as well as disabled younger people and children. Most local authorities have either an in house HIA or independent HIA working in partnership with them. This has prompted the development of a range of additional or ‘complementary’ services promoting home safety, home security, energy efficiency, gardening and independent living projects. IHS works in close partnership with Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, Mole Valley District Council, Surrey County Council and many other public, private and third sector organisations.  

We appreciate that the needs of our customers are complex and that they often require support in more than one area of their lives. To this end all of our employees, including Technicians are trained to provide advice, support and/or referring on to other appropriate services.  Our technicians are trained as “Trusted Technicians” and can safely place rails and aids, all are CRB checked.

Falls prevention - Falls represent the most frequent and serious type of accident in the 65+ age group. Such accidents impact drastically on individuals and their families and place considerable financial burden on local authorities, PCT’s and GP time. The IHS Handyperson Service can carry out very simple changes to a property to render it much safer for the customer.

Gardening - IHS’s gardening service is established to maintain the gardens of vulnerable householders. As well as essential garden maintenance, the householder will have added peace of mind by knowing the garden is safer to walk in and less likely to attract random crime. Our service offers path clearance and levelling for safer mobility, cutting back overhanging bushes that obstruct the view from the front door, replacing broken fences and gates, all essential safety and security measures.

Preventing delayed discharge - There are between 55 – 85 delayed hospital discharges in Surrey on any given day.  Source – health scrutiny committee report 2011. Many of these delayed discharges impact directly on older and vulnerable customers as they wait for simple adaptations to be made to their homes before they are able to return safely. These adaptations include the fitting of key safes; grab rails, the installation of ramps and half steps, even moving beds downstairs for short term single level living while the person recuperates.

General Support –Trusted Technicians are very clear on what they can and can’t offer a customer, their primary role is to undertake practical tasks but the presence of a well-trained and communicative handyperson visiting a person in their the home can provide considerable general support. This is particularly the case for a customer who is having doubts about their ability to cope on a practical level but does not know where to turn.

Energy Efficiency  - Working closely with Action Surrey and a number of other local authority service providers IHS is engaged in a joint effort to improve energy efficiency in the home and carry out energy surveys resulting in low cost remedial action, such as fitting tank jackets or draft exclusion work, they can fit Thermostatic Valves to radiators or check the loft for insulation. The Technician can also refer the household on to partner organisations for other larger scale measures such as loft insulation, or boiler work, often free or heavily subsidised to the eligible recipient.

Our Trusted Technician Service

Independent Home Solutions Handy Person Service works in partnership with Surrey County Council, Mole Valley District Council and Reigate and Banstead Borough Council.

Our Technicians or "Handy Persons" promote and assist independent living by carrying out minor home adaptations and repairs. Most of our customers are aged over 60 or have some level of disability, some are receiving benefits, need to be careful with their outgoings and want to use someone trustworthy to carry out small jobs at a reasonable cost.

This subsidised service is low cost to our customer and is intended for small jobs that need doing around the home, especially if you are less able to manage these tasks yourself and struggle with upkeep, or need aids and adaptations to help maintain your independence.

Our trained Trusted Technicians provide: - extra bannister rails - grab or hand rails - garden rails - small ramps and half steps - lever taps - door entry systems - toilet frames - key safes and more.

We carry out minor plumbing work such as, fitting new lever taps - fixing a leak - fitting a new toilet or wash hand basin - replacing tap washers or ball valve system - plumbing in a washing machine or dishwasher.

General work might include fitting shelves or curtain rails - hanging a door - carrying out small window repairs.

Minor electrical work could include fitting additional sockets - trunking for wiring - door entry systems - surface electric replacement such as new roses and switches - improved lighting - connecting an electric cooker.

Energy efficiency and keeping warm in winter is also highly important to health and wellbeing.

The measures listed here are not exhaustive; we can turn our hands to many more small jobs around the home.  

The charge for our labour starts at £20 per hour, up to a maximum of £35 per hour for more complex work, plus the costs of any materials needed if we purchase these on your behalf. We do not charge call out fees and we will endeavour to inform you of the cost before any work is undertaken. Our Technicians are CRB/ DBS checked and have many years' experience of advising and providing practical solutions to every-day problems.

We can also upgrade your home's security with extra door and window locks, chains and spy holes. Or if you now find it harder to get to the door when a visitor calls, then why not have a key safe installed? Selected friends and relatives, if given the safe code could open the door and come straight in but your home would always remain secure.

Please call us for advice or for a friendly chat regarding your requirements on 01737 845630