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Independent Home Solutions works with Action Surrey and many Surrey Local Authorities to bring energy efficiency measures to homes around The County. Action Surrey is the leading advisory service to Surrey residents on all matters regarding energy efficiency and keep warm measures.

Action Surrey has recently headed a two year initiative to bring warmth to eligible Surrey residents' homes by providing "Keep Warm Keep Well" measures. The 2013 measures consisted of home energy surveys in over 300 energy poor properties. Independent Home Solutions energy surveyors assessed where minor measures would make a difference to the householders' warmth and funds were provided as part of a much wider Action Surrey initiative, to carry out draught proofing, provide tank jackets, chimney balloons, thermostatic radiator valves and a number of similar practical solutions. Where required, residents received free or subsidised loft or cavity wall insulation. Many residents have been referred to Green Deal and ECO for other energy efficiency assistance. It was found that some residents, either through old age or disability could not clear their own lofts. Provision was made to fund clearance of these lofts in preparation to receiving insulation.

Please visit the Action Surrey website for more on this and other local energy efficiency activity.

Below are just a few things you might like to consider if you are concerned about energy consumption in your home, or if keeping warm is becoming difficult for you.

Keep Warm and Well
What is the “Green Deal”?

The Green Deal is a new way of paying for home energy improvements with no up front cost. Green Deal finance offers a low interest, unsecured loan that is attached to the property and is paid back through the savings on your energy bill. The loan repayments are calculated not to rise above the savings you make, leaving you better off from day one.

What's involved in a Green Deal?

Step 1: Speak to Action Surrey - about your home and potential improvements that your property could benefit from and the grants and subsidies available to you.

Step 2: Arrange a Green Deal Assessment - Action Surrey can arrange for an experienced and qualified Green Deal Assessor to assess your property and energy bills, and provide a nationally recognised energy report that can be used to access Green Deal finance and grants. Prices start from £99+VAT.

Click the link (right) for our price guide on Green Deal Assessments or complete our free online assessment tool.

Step 3: Get quotes for recommended improvements - Your Green Deal Assessment Report will generate a number of suitable recommendations for your property.

Step 4: Agree on improvements - agree with a Green Deal Provider or Installers on the improvements you would like and a suitable method of financing.

Step 5: When the improvements are installed, you should see savings on your energy bills and loan repayments will automatically be taken from these. As fuel prices increase, so should the savings on your energy bill.

Green Deal Cashback

 Green Deal Terminology

Additional Grants and Assistance

The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) is a new programme designed to reduce Britain's energy consumption by funding home improvements worth around £1.3 billion every year.

The funding comes from big energy suppliers. It's delivered to customers either directly from the supplier or by organisations working together, who have made special arrangements, such as Green Deal Providers.

Those on relevant qualifying benefits may obtain funding towards a boiler replacement or loft and cavity wall insulation, subject to survey.

Properties which have solid walls or are considered "Hard to Treat" may also benefit from part funding, however the householder will have to contribute towards the costs.

Switching to Save

You may also want to speak with your existing energy supplier to see if they have a cheaper tariff that may suit the way you use energy in the home, or consider moving to a fixed tariff that can provide more certainty than variable tariff and avoid seasonal fluctuations in prices. However, with fixed tariffs there maybe exit fees that should be considered before entering any agreement.

Feed-in tariffs.  Getting paid to generate renewable electricity

You can now get paid a substantial amount of money by generating renewable electricity (through solar PV panels or wind turbines on-site).

The feed-in tariff pays homeowners with solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels 14.99p per kWh of electricity produced, regardless of whether is it consumed or not (known as 'generation tariff'). A good sized Photovoltaic system could generate approx. £750 a year in revenue (including the money saved on electricity bills and export tariff now set at 4.64p per kWh), bringing the payback of the investment down to about 10-12 years. This revenue generated by the homeowner is tax free and index linked (RPI) to account for inflation and the tariff is guaranteed for 20 years.

You will need to make sure your house is as efficient as possible. If your house has a Band E EPC or less (SAP <55) the tariff rate will be dropped to 6.85p per kWh. If you need to increase your property's energy rating, why not get a Green Deal Assessment and see what improvements your property could benefit from. Contact Action Surrey today for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: A tariff review will occur every 3 months and may be reduced for new installations depending on deployment rates - please contact us to check the latest rates as these are subject to change. Action Surrey can arrange EPC assessments. There may be a charge for this, please contact an Action Surrey energy advisor for more information please contact us.

Action Surrey manages a network of trusted installers who can provide no-obligation, free quotes for homeowners interested in ECO, Green Deal Assessments or renewable technology. For more information or to speak with an energy advisor please contact http://www.actionsurrey.org/contact