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Case Study for Frank and Brenda

Case Studies for: Young Child Mrs W - Frank and Brenda - Albert and Ann - Mrs L G - Dangerous Steps


Story of an adaptation

Frank and Brenda contacted our office because Brenda was struggling in the home and they heard about our service through a close neighbour who had used us the previous year.

With osteoarthritis and a heart condition making Brenda breathless she could barely manage the stairs. She had to take one step very slowly at a time using both of her hands and stopped frequently to catch her breath. She also could not get in and out of the bath without Frank’s help.

The couple had discussed moving to a bungalow but they were fond of their surroundings, having lived in the area for decades. They lived close to their GP, local amenities and social club, where they occasionally met with friends, also their daughter dropped by on route from work. The prospect of moving home was daunting.

Our Caseworker Suzanne visited the couple at home that week and they discussed the difficulties and possible solutions. Having decided to stay put, the couple were keen to retain the full use of the home and so decided against a ground floor extension. It was suggested they knock the separate WC and bathroom into one larger wc/shower room, then to fit a stairlift. The staircase turned halfway and so required a curved track lift, providing it was practical to fit one. Not all staircases are suitable.  As an addition if feasible, Mr & Mrs B wanted a downstairs cloakroom to be created in a utility area behind the kitchen.

Suzanne arranged an Occupational Therapist (OT) assessment to be certain the desired measures would improve Mrs B’s situation in the long term.  The OT visited and agreed the desired measures were advisable although they did explore the potential to fit a through floor lift, this option would use up floor space in a small dining room. The OT ascertained that a custom built stairlift would fit the curve of the stairs and that Mrs B had no physical difficulties to make riding a lift unsuitable. She assessed Mrs B in the bathroom to ensure the layout of the new room would be suitable and recommended a level access into the shower area, with a fold down shower seat and a shower unit positioned to ensure Mrs B could reach the controls from a seated position. Mrs B had a left sided weakness and so the unit would be placed on the right hand side.

IHS Surveyor Errol visited the couple to discuss the design and to take measurements. He looked at the feasibility of siting the ground floor WC in the utility area.  Errol worked on the designs and sent copies to Frank and Brenda and to the OT for their comments. Once the brief was agreed a schedule of works was drawn up, a contractor pricing session was arranged at the property. Mr & Mrs B met three potential contractors chosen from the IHS vetted list, the work was discussed first hand and the contractors were invited to provide a fixed price quotation for the bathroom and downstairs WC work. Two stairlift companies were asked to visit on a separate occasion.

A contractor was chosen and work commenced within three weeks. A contract was drawn up between the clients and the contractor, materials were sourced to ensure the design was truly personal to the couple and when it was all finished, Brenda had full access to a lovely shower and was able to get up and down the stairs without being distressed.

She said “Everyone was so thoughtful, they respected our wishes.  The builder was tidy and minimised disruption. It was a glorious feeling to shower in private without having to ask Frank to help me. The tiles are beautiful. Thank you everyone!”

Case Study for Albert and Ann

A Home Beyond Repair?

Albert and Ann, both in their 90s live in a mobile home in Holly Lodge Park, Tadworth. A nicely kept park but many homes were of original wooden construction and had seen better days.

In this particular case the couple’s home was suffering from rot and it was badly affecting their health. They had maintained the upkeep very well over the years; this was not a case of neglect. The home was simply getting too old for general maintenance and in need of more drastic measures. The situation was causing them a lot of stress and they did not know where to turn, so their grand-daughter got in touch with Independent Home Solutions after finding out about us on the internet.

Albert and Ann had in the past received financial assistance via the local Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association (SSAFA) on another matter as Albert had an RAF service record that deemed him eligible. When an application was made to assist with these remedial works the RAF benevolent fund would only consider assisting if other funds could be sourced as well and the family were becoming desperate trying to find help to treat the rot. Internally floors were sinking and the home had only limited weather protection. The home was also a fire risk because there was only one escape door to the property.

We held a joint meeting with the family, a SSAFA representative and a specialist company who advised that the work would cost in excess of £10,000. After careful discussion it was agreed the specialist would reduce their price and also concentrate on the worst affected parts of the home. One leeward wall was in a reasonable condition and could potentially be left. The cost of work was reduced to £7,000 and although still a large amount of money to find, it was more achievable.

Between ourselves we managed to raise £1,000 from The Royal British Legion, £3,000 from the RAF fund, £500 from the “Foundations Health Through Warmth” fund, £2,500 through DECC local authority competition money that Independent Home solutions was holding for cases like this one.  Later a small amount of unforeseen work was discovered and we raised a further £500.

This couple can now hopefully live out the rest of their days in a warm, dry home they have owned in excess of 35 years, knowing it will be a safe and weatherproof place to live.

How to go from a home blighted by rot to one to be really proud of?

Click on the images above to see.

After completion their daughter wrote:

Since the home has been repaired Mum and Dad have been quite motivated and less stressed. This could only have been achieved thanks to you and Bob, so I am ecstatic about the results.

Kind Regards

Daughter of Albert and Ann L

Case Study for Mrs L.G.’S Mother

Dear Alison

I am writing to you with regard to Leah who, over the last 6 months has arranged and supervised work carried out on mother’s property. My mother has always been very averse to having workmen in her home but thanks to Leah, who assured her that she would be with her whenever she needed, the work went efficiently and completed without a problem. I truly appreciated Leah’s contact with me with regard to the progress as I live so far away to be able to do anything practical for my mother. Leah kept me informed and her friendly efficient manner was much appreciated.

She is a great asset to your company.

Many thanks for everything

Mrs L.G.

Case Study for Dangerous Steps

These steps below were in a dangerous condition. Our technician carried out repairs to each step and fitted a steel handrail. The elderly female client was now safe to use the steps and could get outside for the first time in months.

This is the result. As you can see below, the steps are now repaired and free of crumbling debris. The handrail is sturdy and safe to use. Our client can now get out and about and is far less reliant on others. Before this repair she could not get out of the house without help.

Case Study for Mrs W

The Story of an adaptation that needed a rethink

Mrs W is quite elderly, lives alone, suffers with advanced Parkinson 's disease and is profoundly deaf. She gets around her first floor maisonette using a wheeled frame and is fortunate to have visiting daily carers who she trusts and really gets along well with. The main thing missing from her life was that she was trapped in her home and the only respite was from these lovely carers popping in and an occasional visit from her sister.

She needed a stair lift but could not afford to pay for one to be installed. A visit by our caseworker started the process of helping her to apply for a disabled facilities grant to fund her stairlift. The process went very smoothly and within weeks the stairlift was installed, paid for by the grant.

We thought that was a good job well done, but the carers contacted us again shortly after, expressing their concern for Mrs W's safety. It seems that the wheeled walking frame was snagging in the threadbare carpet causing Mrs W to stumble. The wheels were getting snagged in the threads of the carpet or were rucking it up, such was its state. She was finding it increasingly difficult to move around safely because the problem was in the bedroom, the lounge and even the hallway between the two rooms.

Our caseworker started to look around for charitable help. It took quite a bit of searching as no ordinary grant would pay for such a thing as a new carpet, but we could not ignore the plea to help!

We found £800 through a local "allotment" fund based in Chobham and then we dug into our rather limited hardship fund to come up with sufficient money to order a new carpet for her.

On the day of the fitting, the fitters even moved and replaced all of the furniture during their work so that this lovely lady had nothing to worry about.  We took a call from the carers the day after, over the moon that their client was once again safe in her own home.

Case Study for Young Child

The Story of a young child in Bookham

This is the extension we have just completed in Bookham.

It is for a young child who needs a ground floor bedroom with an en-suite wet room.